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Caregiver/Parent Workshops 2019


Saturday,June 8th Play2Learn of Baldwinsville is Hosting…

Tiny Humans, Big Emotions: Building Emotional Intelligence from Infancy

“How do you respond to the TANTRUMING CHILD beyond validating their emotion and letting them express? How do you really build COMFORT in experiencing a feeling without getting trapped in it as we see in anxiety and depression? How do you build children’s COPING STRATEGIES to last a lifetime, moving away from coping mechanisms? When is it time to PROBLEM SOLVE? Now, how do you do this while LIVING REAL LIFE at the same time?”
We know that emotional development is at the cornerstone of learning, that children need to process emotions before they are ready to absorb content, but there hasn’t been a “HOW TO” guide for building this development, until now. Alyssa Blask Campbell of Seed & Sew will dive into the Collaborative Emotion Processing (CEP) method, as well as the phases of emotion processing. She will add tools to your parenting toolbox for responding to emotional expressions in a manner that builds emotional intelligence. We cannot expect children to engage in social relationships without supporting their emotional development. In a world where social/emotional development is heavily focused on the social aspects, Alyssa is collaborating with families to help our tiny humans develop emotional intelligence to have the confidence, communication, and processes to navigate their complex world and build resiliency. Are you ready to join us?

When: Saturday, June 8th 8:30-10:30 AM Workshop

Where: Lysander Town Hall Auditorium, 8220 Loop Road, Baldwinsville, NY 13027

Cost: $35 (includes a light breakfast) Prepayment is required to ensure that we have plenty of space and breakfast.
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Gather with other caregivers/parents that are navigating life with tiny humans and their BIG emotions!

Be sure to visit Seed and Sew to learn more about her resources for caregivers and to follow her on social media! Alyssa and her team offer brilliant podcasts entitled “Voices of your Village,” free resources, online parenting groups, sleep and behavior consultations and MORE! We are BEYOND lucky to have her visiting CNY for this workshop!