Meet the Teacher

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Kelly Owens Vincentini

BSED Childhood Education with Special Education & MSED in Literacy

Teaching and working with children has always been such a huge part of what makes me happy. Being in the primary grades, I felt that it was my responsibility to instill a LOVE for learning and to teach/model kindness. Of course there were runny noses and shoes to be tied, but little minds and hearts are just so enthusiastic and eager! The years that I taught in my inclusive classroom, I would often think THIS is the best gig yet!

In my late 20’s I fell in love with a fellow teacher (makes for great snow days and summer vacations!) and a few years later we were blessed with our first baby girl. I knew that I wanted time at home with her and so I took a child rearing leave. I remember my mom saying that she knew how badly I wanted to be home with her, but she just couldn’t imagine my daily life outside of the classroom. (Fast forward only a few years and we became a family of five!)

P2L was born after years of reflection on what I want to give and take away from this life AND what I want my children to learn from our days together. I recently thought back to my mother’s concern and she was right. I did need to be back in a classroom, but to have my three kids with me while I work and to be the inspiration behind my planning and preparation, now THAT’s a real gig!

I feel so blessed to think that so many of you join my little family each week to read, sing, create, investigate, and play. Our community deserves to have Play2Learn. Opportunities for family bonding and enrichment during the early childhood years are crucial. Thank you for allowing me into your family, as together, we support your little one’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth.