Countdown to Christmas!

Editable Holiday Activity Countdown for your family!

When I look back on holidays during my childhood years, I don’t recall a single present. I remember the BUILD UP to the holiday…decorating the tree as a family, baking with Mom, drives around the neighborhood looking at lights, making handmade presents, etc! Children remember QUALITY TIME and the way their hearts feel so FULL in the company of loved ones.

Today my kiddos woke up to our stocking garland hung! Inside each stocking is a little note with a special activity for the day. I choose which activity will fit for that day based on the weather, what materials I have on hand, how much time we will have that day, etc. This year I typed up all of our ideas (a friend shared some of these with me and I revised them for my family) and thought maybe we could share! If you don’t have an advent calendar or countdown boxes for these activity cards to slip into, you could cut the activities and make them into a countdown chain instead. Each day tear off a link and read the activity together. You could also label brown paper lunch sacks with the numbers 1-24 and put a slip of paper in each brown paper sack. Honestly, they could reach into a Santa hat and “draw” the activity of the day! Keep it simple for yourself!


I hope this is helpful to you! Sending love to all of you for a healthy, happy holiday season! xo, Kelly

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