Need Ideas for Intentional Play at Home?

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Every morsel of early childhood research says that tremendous brain development occurs before age five and that young children learn best through play.

As a SAHM, I am constantly looking for ways to promote healthy play for my two toddlers.  They get SO excited when they find a new “invitation to play” set out for them.  Allow me to clarify, nothing has to be glamorous, Instagram post-ready!  Maybe its a basket of arctic animal themed books I dug out from the basement and some penguin and polar bear figurines from their zoo set.  Perhaps I spread out craft materials from my art box (popsicle sticks, googley eyes, yarn, markers) and encourage them to create!  But every so often I am looking for something new and exciting! When I find something that works for my family (3.5 years old and 19 months) I would love to share it with you and YOURS!

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One of our business goals truly is to inspire and educate families in ways to foster healthy social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. Raising little people is no easy task; let’s all learn from one another!



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