It was “in the cards” all along…

The week I graduated from my master’s program, I was invited to a dinner party at which a psychic was going to be doing readings.  Totally not my thing. At all. In fact I had anxiety just thinking about my potential reading.  I had to go, it was at a professor’s home, an odd sort of graduation send off party.  Listening to her read my tarot cards was definitely a unique experience. She quickly dismissed the guy I had been dating for years and mentioned that she didn’t see me teaching, instead she saw a briefcase in my hand. Huh, okay. So…dump the long time boyfriend?! And here I was applying to about fifty teaching positions all over Central New York.  Great. Of course I carried on with my plans and goals at the time.  Ultimately I landed a great teaching job back home and eventually found my way to my hubby.

Fast forward eleven years.

Play2Learn was a dream.  An idea.  A busy mom of two toddlers looking for a way to give her children weekly opportunities to socialize, play, learn, speak, create, sing, explore… with me! I was looking to bring an enriching family experience to my community.  I had a desire to make an impact beyond my household, after being a stay at home mom for three years.  Business names were brainstormed, logos designed, social media platforms created…a drive downtown for a “D.B.A.” and Play2Learn was born.

While I would say I’m not sure I’m the briefcase kinda gal, (let’s be real, it’s more like an extra large diaper bag that will fit my laptop and clipboard,) those tarot cards were on to something.  Or maybe I just listened closely to my heart and took a leap of faith.

I’m done. I am done saying out loud, “I am not an entrepreneur; I am a teacher.” I have said those words in one way or another COUNTLESS times since embarking on the journey of Play2Learn.  Of course it is somewhat true, I am a certified teacher with my BSED and MSED in teaching and I have never taken a marketing or business class in my life. Never. But these last few weeks, I’ve gained some real clarity.  Recruit help, listen to podcasts late at night, think big, and just learn.  Big learning curve, but JUST do it.  So I’m gonna own it. Kelly, you’re an entrepreneur now, baby.

Maybe it’s time to get a chic leather messenger bag…



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