Foldin’ Laundry? Give Your Tot a Reading Boat!

Do you love to be snug,curled up, cozy? So does your LO!
Utilize the Laundry Basket!


1) Self Regulation: In the classroom, my students loved having their own personal space to curl up in a “Reading Boat” aka laundry basket!  At home we toss in a soft blanket or throw pillow too! Setting up a quiet, cozy corner not only promotes a love for independent reading, but also teaches young children how to self soothe, calm down, focus, or “take a break,” in an effort to regulate their emotions.  Certainly a pop up tent (like the one we have at P2L) can serve just as well!
2) Motor Benefits: Encourage your LO to push or pull the basket! Maybe a younger sibling, maybe a load of books from their bookshelf; pushing and pulling is great motor work!

3) Pretend Play: In the 3rd photo, the children were pretending to be Santa and practicing two hands working together to hold the reins/ ring the bells as the little reindeer pushed the sleigh! Sleigh, race car, boat…

4. Sensory Play: Add ball pit balls and let your little one dig and burrow through the balls in the basket! Toss, catch, sort by color!
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